Solana Beach ADU / Granny Flat Ordinance



WHEREAS , the California State Legislature, through statutes adopted as AB 2299 (2016), SB 1069 (2016) and AB 2406 (2016), as codified in State of California

Government Code Sections 65582.1, 65852.2 and 65852.22 respectively , established new standards for regulating Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs) to be effective on January 1, 2017, to address the housing shortages in California; and

WHEREAS, it is the State’s intent to allow Accessory Dwelling Units on all residentially zoned parcels which have an existing single-family dwelling on the parcel; and

  • WHEREAS, the City finds many existing City regulations for Second Dwelling Units (SDUs) that conflict with the provisions of AB 2299 (2016), SB 1069 (2016) and AB 2406 (2016), would become null and void, thus providing a conflicting regulatory environment and substantially reducing the City’s ability to maintain the livable neighborhoods goals and policies of the General Plan and existing development standards through reductions in setback, lot coverage, and parking; increased accessory building height, and no limit to the number of ADUs or accessory structures per parcel; and

WHEREAS, the City Council has the power under Government Code Sections 36934 and 36937, to adopt an ordinance that takes effect immediately if it is an ordinance for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health or safety, contains a declaration of the facts constituting the urgency, and is passed by a four­ fifths vote of the City Council; and

WHEREAS, as provided by State law, the City adopts and incorporates the required provisions in State law regarding Accessory Dwelling Units per AB 2299 (2016), SB 1069 (201.6) and AB 2406 (2016), and provides regulatory clarity under these laws; and

WHEREAS, the City finds it is necessary for the City Council to adopt this Ordinance as such an urgency ordinance, pursuant to the powers under Government Code section 36934 and 36937, to immediately address changes to State law in AB 2299 (2016) and SB 1069 (2016) to replace SDUs, desires and adopts provisions for JADUs per AB 2406 (2016), address peace, health and safety issues related to the effective regulation of Accessory Dwelling Units and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units. continuing neighborhood compatibility, and avoiding any statutory conflicts; and

WHEREAS, this ordinance is exempt from review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA; California Public Resources Code Section 2100 et seq.) and CEQA regulations (Title 14, California Code of Regulations Section 15000, et seq.) because this ordinance is covered by the general rule that CEQA applies only to projects that have the potential for causing a significant effect on the environment (Section 15061(b)(3)).


SECTION 1. The findings in the Planning Commission staff report and supplemental staff report dated December 24, 2016, and the recitals set forth above are hereby adopted as findings.

SECTION 2. Various sections of Title 9 dealing with Second Dwelling Units are hereby amended as shown in Exhibit A, attached hereto, and amended within.

SECTION 3. Incompatible Provisions. To the extent any provision of this ordinance is incompatible with or at variance with any prior adopted ordinance or resolution, the provision of this Ordinance shall take precedence.

SECTION 4. Severability. If any provision of this ordinance is declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, adjudicated to a final determination , the City Council finds that said voided part is severable, that the City Council would have adopted the remainder of this Ordinance without the severed and voided part, and that the remainder of this ordinance shall remain in full force and effect.

SECTION 5. The City Clerk shall cause this Ordinance or a summary hereof to be published in accordance with Section 36933 of the California Government Code, shall certify to the adoption of this ordinance and shall cause a certified copy of this ordinance, together with proof of publication, to be filed in the Office of the Clerk of

this City.

SECTION 6. This ordinance shall go into effect and be in full force and effect immediately after its passage.

PASSED AND ADOPTED this gth day of January 2017 .

Attest: Approved as to Form:

ORD. NO. 1265


I, Deputy Director/City Clerk of the City of Simi Valley, California, do hereby certify

that the foregoing is a full, true, and correct copy of Ordinance No. 1265 which was adopted as an urgency ordinance by the City Council of the City of Simi Valley, California,

at a regular meeting thereof held on the 91

day of January 2017 by the following vote of

the City Council:

AYES: Council Members Cavanaugh, Mashburn, Becerra, Mayor Pro Tern Judge and Mayor Huber

NAYS: None



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Ihave hereunto set my hand and affixed the official seal of the City of Simi Valley, California, this 13th day of January 2017.

Deputy Director/City Clerk



Amendments to the following sections of Title 9 of the Simi Valley Municipal Code are shown below. New text is shown as bold underline, while text deletions are shown as bold-stf-i.keelft.

Chapter 9-24 Residential and Open Space Zoning Districts

9-24.030 Residential and Open Space District Land Uses and Permit Requirements

Table 2-2 identifies the uses of land allowed by this Development Code in the residential and open space zoning districts, and the land use permit required to establish each use, in compliance with Chapter 9-22 (Land Use Permit Requirements). Regardless of the permit requirement established by Table 2-2, Planned Development Permit (Section 9-52.050) approval is also required for all construction· of new residential units.

Note: where the last column in the tables (“Specific Use Regulations”) includes a section number, the regulations in the referenced section apply to the use; however, provisions in other sections of this Development Code may also apply.



. Allowed Uses and Permit Requirements for Residential and Open Space Zoning


P Permitted Use( )

CUP Conditional Use Permit required

HP Home Occupation Permit required


Use not allowed

SeGemi-ElweUi-Rg uRit, exceeG-s

    • maxi1num-dEHl-si.f:-y

t ··-

. Junior Accessory

Dwelling Unit


  1. See Article 8 for land use definitions.
  2. A Planned Development Permit (Section 9-52 .050) is also required for all new development.

9-24.050 Residential and Open Space District Setback Exceptions

The following exceptions apply to the setback requirements shown in Table 2-3. See also Section 9-30.080 (Setback Requirements and Exceptions). For Ac ·cessory Dwelling Units and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units, refer to Section 9-44. 160.

D. Accessory structure height limits. A Conditional Use Permit shall be required to exceed the height limits established in Table 2-3. The maximum height of any accessory structure shall not exceed the maximum height permitted for a primary structure. Exceptions to this Section may be found for Accessory Dwelling Units in Section 9-44.160.

9-34.060 Parking Space Requirements

Off-street parking spaces for uses in all zoning districts shall be provided in compliance with Table 3-4 (Parking Requirements by Land Use), below.



Land Use Type v_ i_cl_e_S_p_a_ce_s_R_e_ !r_ed_ __ _ _ _ ……

Residential Uses

……._ —.


,Accessory Dwelling Unit and Junior

;Accessory Dwelling


1 covered, Refer to Section 9-44.1 60


_ _ j_

9-34.090 Design Requirements

M. Refer to Section 9-44.160 for Accessory Dwelling Unit parking.

9-44.160- SecoAd Accessory Dwelling Units (Ministerial)

  1. The creation of a secon44weUingurut an Accessory Dwelling Unit and Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit pursuant to Government Code Section 65582.1, 65852.2, and 65852.22, on lots containing a–siA€Jle-e An.1#Ha-mi.J.y

·l:mit an existing singlefamily dwelling and zoned OS, RE, RVL, RL, RM, Rmod, RH, and RVH shall be subject to the-fe-J.lowing the standards in Table 4-4 as implementing the requirements specified in the above Government Code Sections. Refer to Glossary Definitions and Section 9-80.020 for Accessory Dwelling Unit and Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit. The standards for an Accessory Dwelling Unit and a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit are shown below.

Table 4-4 : Accessory Dwelling Unit {ADU) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) Requirements








attached to accessorv Structure

{one sto!’.,Y }


Garage conver sion


above existing garage1 attached



Subject to California Building Code {CBC} and California Residential Code (CRC)

Any conflicts between the reguirements of this Develo12ment Code and the California Building Code and California Residential Code shall be resolved i n favor of whichever Code i m12oses the greater reguirement subject to com12liance with Cali fornia Government Code Sections 65582.11 65852.21 and 65852.22

Number Per Parcel Either one ADU or one JADU 12er lot with an existing Single-Famil y Dwellina tSFO\ on it
Kitchen Reguired ! ! Minimum Efficiency Kitchen 12er CGC


Sanitarv Facilities Reguired Se12arate from Single-Family Dwelling {SFD) Se(!arate or shared with SFD
Se12arate Outside Entrance


Also reguires internal connection to existing SFD
Other Facil i ties One bedroom of the existing SFD
Size Minimum Per California Health and Safety Code Section 17958.1
Size Maximum 30% of existing SFD Living Area UQ to a Maximum 11200 sg.

ft. The cumulative total of all habitable accesso!’..Y structures and ADU or JADU on the l ot shall not exceed 11200 sguare feet


sguare feet

Pro12ertv Owner Must Reside On- site Owner must reside i n SFD or AOUj ADU and JADU may not be sold se12arate from the SFD on the 12arcel. This must be recorded as a Deed Restriction on the [!ro12ertv title ln SFD unless exem12t 12er CGC


detached attached attached to Garage above
to accessort conver existing
house Structure

{one storv}

sion garage1



Lease or rental The ADU/JADU must have a rental 12eriod of no less than 30 days .This Qeriod length must be recorded as a Deed Restriction on the Qro12ertv title

Setbacks: Front Same as SFD No Same as No

additional SFD; an¥ additional setback new setback

exterior stairs must be located on the side

or rear whenever DOSsible

Setbacks: Side1 Per -ClilC-aRd-CRC

Street Side1 and Refer to If entirely within No 5 feet No

9-30.080 {0} existing structure additional any new additional

-Detached then (!er CBC and setback exterior setback guest CRC. Otherwise for stairs

houses refer to 9-24.050 existing must be Table 2-3 sttucture j located on

stairs the side

must or rear

meet whenever

current QOSSi ble ADU


Height ADUs and JADUs must be one-story {maximum 18 feet in height1 exceQt where state law allows construction above a aaraae)

Lot Coverage All Structures shall not cover more NA NA NA than 40% of the rear yard1 egual to

the rear 20 feet of the lot

Parking 1 s12ace 1 I f 1 s12ace1 1 s12ace 1 I f None No No reguired t11 !f regui red if regulred additional additiona l

reguired not using for the 12a rki ng 12arking

if not Qart of ADU; reguired. reguired. using existing reQlace

Qart of accessorv ment may existing structure be

SFD !1J ill existing


12arkin s12aces2l

    1. An ADU must have one parking space that can be uncovered1 tandem 1 lift or otherwise provided on the lot i n the l egal parking areas defined i n this

chapter unless: a) l ocated within % mile (measured by way of publi c sidewalk), of a transit stop with at least four bus stops in each direction each day; b) in a Historic District; c) i n a permit parking area; or d)within one block of a car share vehicle. When parking i s required and none of the above parking options are techni cally feasi ble, then one of the uncovered spaces i n front of the garage will be counted as the required ADU parking space.

(2) When a garage is converted to an ADU, the lost spaces must be replaced with covered spaces, uncovered spaces i n l egal parking areas defined i n this chapter. uncovered spaces i n the back yard. or tandem spaces. When none of the above parking options can create the required parking spaces, then one lost garage space will be waived as necessary. At the property owner’s option, an automobile parking lift will be allowed but will be considered a structure for the purposes of setbacks and permit requirements.

B. Not withstanding any other regulation in this Development Code that is specifically applicabl e to Accessory bwelling Units or Junior Accessory Dwelling units, a Zoni ng Clearance must be ministerially approved for an application for a building permit to create within a single-fami l y residential zone, one accessory dwelling unit per single-family l ot. I f the unit ·1s contained within the existing space of a singlewfamily residence or accessory structure, has i ndependent exterior access from the existing residence, and the side and rear setbacks are sufficient for fire safety. Accessory dwelling units shall not be required to provide fire sprinklers i f they are not required for the primary residence unless otherwise required by the Fire Code.

C. A Deed Restriction must be recorded on the proposed approved for an ADU or JADU i n the form provided by the City. The deed will specify that owner occupancy i s required in the ADU or JADU at all times. Should the owner pass or vacate the property, the ADU or JADU may no longer be separately rented and shall be vacated within 30 days. The deed restriction will also specify that rental of any ADU or JADU (or the primary residence i f the owner lives on site in the ADU or JADU) must be for periods of 30 days or more.

  1. The le-A–whls-h-a-sese-nd—dwe l-1-iRs-unit–isto-benstFuGted shalt–GGmai-n-at Jeas-t-e-Ae residentiaklwelmg-wf::H-ch is owAe-rGGG’=lpied.

B.—–+h e–seooAG-a.we l A.g-u-n.t-may-be-atta &l:ted-e-r-detached from the primary

re-s-identia-1-dwemng-witM:he-f.G i.le-wiRg–s-ta-REtaFds-l:

he–mh ·imum-yard setbaG-ks-from-th-e-prope ·Fty–1-iRe-shall-be-the same-as the-baseu>-ne-f{}f-ttH pfimary residentiaklwellffi9″

2..—+he-minitnum distance between the–f*imafYFeSidential and-a-detaGhed

sesend-dweU inf)UAit–sha l-l-be1-0-.feet-meas 1:1reG-a-t-tt:iefi.e-r wa 11.

    1. An attaGlled second-dweUifl,g-YA-it-shall-have-a-m-i-A-i-m-um-ef 20 feet-et cam1:noo-w-allwiththe-pF-i mary resi-deRti-al-dwell-i-Rg.

    2. The-ma*im-Ym-he-ight-Gf–t.f:le–detaGhed second-dwel-l•n-g ·Ait-sJ:ral.1n&t e*GeeEl— The m3*i-m,um-A-eightofthe-a-ttach ed seGGnQ-Gwe.Ui-rtg-umt


5.—F–e-F-the-p-wrpose-ef this Sectien,seGGfl-9-dwelUn-g-llffits-G&AneGteG–to a Pfima-fY-ElweUinglmit-by-a-t>r:eay-s-t-1-alkempl·y–wUh-the stafldard fer Eleta-G-hed second dwelling-wflits.

he-max+m-u-m–si Gf-t-Ae-secend–G-wel1-i-Rgutlj.t-shaU–Rot–e*Ge-eG-30-pe FGerrt-of the gross hah-i-ta-e· e-square feeta-ge–of-tAe-pF-im -ary-res-id-ent-ia1-Elw-el-l-ing-or 11200 g-res-s-habi:taGle-squa-Fe-feet,-wru&h ever is less-}-heweve-r, in either-sj.tua-tie-n, the-m.j.nj.RuJm size of–tl-‘leseGend–d-w-emA-gumt-s-Rat-l–flot be less than 500 square feet.

D. There-&haUe–a–min·i-mum of ooevehiG-le-parkin9-Sf)a-G-e-p-er:-seGOn ddweUing unit–er–on-e—–v-eruGt-Q–j:)a-fk-mg-s-pas-e-p .iG-hever is grea-teF.-T.he requd–parktA’9-693Ge–f9F—-a—-CG-Gfld-dwel iflg-u-nit-sha-l-l-be-in-add tief.l–te-the requi-redparking-f-er the existing-pfimary residential dweUing, and–s-hall be Joooted-&A-thesame lot as-theE»EIBtiA-g–pr-imar-y-reside-R-tiakl-weUiRg-\ffi

E-.—+Ae–a-rsMtectura-l–Elesign—of-the—secefl G-Ef.w-elUng unit shaU-Geerdinate existing dwel-l,i-flg-fookJGi,nQ-G-Om-pat-iblse-ef—–Ge-1-or, s-iaing,stuGGerweod,—-ma-s-e-R Rd-Feof’…m-a-teri al. Thetmit must be consi-stefft wi-th-t-he–d-esign of otnhemes in the–Aeig-h bo-me-ad..Althoug h m-i,n-isterial, the Afs-Afte-Gtu-r-al—-Qesi-gn Standards shall be reviewed and-approved by the Qeyu-ty–l}fresterl-Gi-ty-µ.la Rner.

F-.—i:he-seca1uldwelli11g-wn-i-t–s-ha-l.J–n-e-t-have–se-par-at-ely-m-etered water, sewer, gas, cmd electFical connecti-ens. These—Gennections shal-l-enl-y—-be—–.t-e–the-priA6fp-a dwelling.

G-.— d1telling-unt-iR-G-e-njuns-t 0A-w+th-the—-pJ!imar esidential G-we-l-ijng4s-pe-mtitt-ed-on a residen-ti-a-1-let.

H..1=1:1e-s-ece-n G-dwe-1-1-mg-u-n. t–s-hat,l—Ge R sist-s&l-ely–Gf–aEIGitienal—–J-i-v-fn,g–sf)aGe.—+-R•s Se-ct-ien-does—A&t-p-er-m-i-t-the-c-enve-ra-ien-ef-ex+sti-Flg living space into a secon-d­ dwel ffig–uA-it.

1.-Se&ood–uni-ts-shal,l-fle-teu:;ee-d–the—a-llewable–eens-ity—for—tl:le-l et–apon-which the second–tmt · oca-t-ed–.-

J.-No–a-ppeals or varianc-e-s–s-hall be aUGWeEHIRdeF—th-is-Ses-t en-.-

9-44.-1–1-0—eG-0nd—Qwe ni-Rg—Yfl-i-ts–fRe-quH=em-ent of a CUP-}

If an–is– 1:1-n.ah-le—–t-e–G e-m-p1-y-w-itR-t-h e ministeriaIstandards Iisted-abeve-i-R

Se-&ti&R-9–44.1-60-,——w hi GJ:l-w-e-re—devele-ped–pu-FSUant-k>–G-e- vemme-n.t–Ged-e—-Sectien

6-5852*31-1-appl-iG-a-fl-t–may-a-pply–for—a-CU P-fer-the creation-ef–a–secon d–Gw-eli· ng


A.lhe lot oR–which a soooo-ddweUiffg-t:t·Ait-i-s-tG-be-Ge AS-t-FUGteEl-s-haU oota-n-a-t


.B.–‘.J’.he sec oFKl-e-wel-l-ing unit may—-be–attached ordetached from-the—pf-i-mary


1.+he–min mum-yaFEl–setbacks from–the–p-ropeFty–l-i-ne–stl al!-Be–the same as-the base–ro-ne–f-OF-the–primar.y–Fesid entiaIdwelling.

2. The min m.Ym distance-betweell-the-primary residential and a deta-Ghed seooAd–Gwelli ng uAit-shaU-be-4-0–fe-et-measureG-at-th&-e*teFiorNa 11.

3. An attached—-sec&nd-dwelliAg-unit-sllaUhave a mini-mt:J.m–G.f—2-0–feet—ef GGm-tnoA–Wa l-wi:th–the-pFimary resident -dwening.

4.—+m.1;nR–hei-gh·t-o.f–the–deta ched secenG-GwefilAg–t-t R-it-shaUnet-eXGeed

-1-8–feet.+he–ma-xim-um–hei ght–Of the attached seconEklwelling unit-&haUnet


S.F-er the plfFp-Gse of th-is—SeGtioR,Secc:md-Gwel1ing units conAected to a J*i-mar-y:–dweUiff g unit by a ll>ray-shal1 comply with the standard-fer Eleta·hed sec ond-dwell· · Rg-units.

C. The maxi mum-s f-the–seGOmklwelUng-Y-AU-sAal-l–Rot exceed 30 percent of

the gross habitable square foe-tage-Gf–t.f:le-pFimaf.Y-resi-dentialdwel.1-i-ng—e.r:

17200-gross habitable-square feet,whis-rnweF-is–less; hewever, in either

situatien,…#le–mi-nimum–sfae–of-the secotuklwel-l-ing uni-t-&Aall not be–1ess-thaff

§00-square feet.

0. There shaUbe–a-m-i-n-imum-of one \lehic le–par-ki-ng–spac·e–peF–Sec-e-n-d-G·weUi-ng unit-oF-OJ1e-veh-iG-le-parki ng–sf)aceper-bedroe-m,whi-cheveF-is greater.—+he feq.u-ired-parkin ace for a seGmld-dweUing-Y-A-it–shaU-be in addinan to the r-equireFki-llg-f-eF-the existing pr-imary resideAtial–dweUmg,and shall be WGa-ted–en–the-same–10t –as–t-he–e->fi&ting–primaF)«-residentiakl-welUAg–uni-t.

E. The–a ro.hlteGtural-desi-gR–Of-th-e–second dwelllng-y.nit-shal-k-oardimte–with-the 9*i&ti-n · p1-imaryresiEleAtia-l-dwelling-including cempatible use–ef color; s+ding,st-t:1GGG;-W-eoEl,m ase-M-y,and–FGG.f-mat-eriaI. The–uA-itmustbe–Gonsistent witR–the–desif)-n-o-f–othe r-homes in the

P.llle–sec-ond–Gwe-11 it-shall–Rat-have–se parately-met.ered wa-ter,-seweF;-iJas, aneGtriGa l-coo-nes-tieR&.-Thes onnoooons–shall-enly-be-te-the–pri ncipa-1 dwelling.

nly-4>ne-se-end—dwell ng–uA-it–i-R—GGA}1:1F1<7ti on-w.t theprimary reside-Rtia-1

dwel i119is-tJmitteEi-oF1–asin-gle–f..a mie-t.

t–1 . +l:t e seconddwel n.g–t:f.Rikhall Gonsist salely-e-f–additi onal livffi§-SJlace.-i:his SestionEloes–Rot-pei:mitthe–GGnversie-n of eximg–1-iviflQ-&Pa&e–iflto–a–seGe-nd dwe Iiing unit.

fAmended-Glfri ple-men·t, as amendedby§–2,G·r . -26,–e-ff.–March 13, 2008}